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Powerful New Screen depicting the African American involvement in the Spanish American War.

In 1898 after the sinking of the American war ship the USS Main, the United States launch a major assault on the military forces of Spain. The screen play, “Slow Boat to Cuba”, tells the story of the four all black units that were deployed to fight in Cuba. Base on true events, it sheds light on the involvement of the 9th and 10th Calvary and the 24 and 25 Infantry Division better know as the Buffalo Soldiers.

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The Screen Play ” Slow Boat To Cuba” written by Luther Robinson now a Novel “Slow Boat” by Luther Robinson

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Coming soon an Explosive Novel base on True events and history of the United States of America’s first war abroad.

A few interesting Testimonials

Testimony is multiplying of the bravery of the colored troops at Santiago de Cuba July 1st and 2nd 1898. The Boston Journal of the 31st. in it’s account, gives the following interview-Mason Mitchell (white) said: “We were in a valley when we started, but made at once for a trail running near the top of the ridge called La Quasina, several hundred feet high, which, with several others parallel to it, extended in the direction of Santiago. By a similar trail near the top of the ridge to our right, several companies of Negro troopers of the Ninth and Tenth United States Cavalry marched in scout formation, as we did. We had an idea about where the Spaniards were and depended upon Cuban scouts to warn us but they did not do it.

At about 8:30 o’clock in the morning we met a volley from the enemy who, were ambushed, not only on our ridge, but on the one to the right, beyond the Negro troops, and the Negro soldiers were under a cross fire. That is how Capt. Capron and Hamilton Fish were killed.” It goes on to say: “Handsome young Sargent Stewart, the Rough Rider protégé of Henry W. Maxwell, when he was telling of the fight in the ambush, gave it as his opinion that the Rough Riders would have been whipped out if the Tenth Cavalry(colored)had not come up just in time to drive the Spaniards back. “I’m a Southerner, from New Mexico, and I never thought much of the Nigger before. Now I know what they are made of. I respect them.

Exerted form History Of Negro Soldiers in the

The Spanish American War By Edward A. Johnson


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The Spanish American war was the first war that the United States fought as a world power but history also records that it was an Imperialistic move to acquire the island of Cuba from the from the Imperialistic Spain and in so doing they would be formally seated at table of the other world powers. Many historians have swept much of what happen in that war under the rug because it showed the USA in an ugly light.