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I often hear from people who are eager to make money online.
They are so excited!
They dig in eager to get started in our training program, keen on building their own successful online business.

The first day they put in 5 or 6 hours laying the foundation for their business.

The second day they devote a few more hours.

By the end of the week it’s an hour.

2 weeks later, they’ve moved on to something else.

Who do you think gets better results from a Gym Membership?
The person who goes every day, or every few days working CONSISTENTLY on their physique, putting in the time, effort and discipline?
Or the person who goes once a week? Then very 2 weeks, then not at all.

Apply this to your online business.
Be prepared to learn. Apply your new found knowledge to business every day.
Set goals. Promote more, promote more often, promote to MORE places!
Follow up with leads, post information of value to your mailing list, return emails, phone calls, messages. 
When you need help, ask.
Everything you need is in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership, an all inclusive comprehensive training and marketing system.
The key in achieving anything of value is CONSISTENT effort.

Building an online business takes time.
Most people realize this. What they don’t understand how MUCH time it takes. 
Many people are new to online marketing, not tech savvy, not social media savvy, not aware of what is involved in marketing.

There is the set up phase, a learning curve, building phase, ideally a growth phase.

As a new business, at no point do you get to just forget about your business, sit back and watch it thrive.
Work your business consistently to see the BEST results!